1. SeaTac Airport Zip Code is " 98158 "

  2. FOR ANY FORM ERRORS or UNKNOWN INFORMATION, please just put an "X" or "NA" into the form box & it will be submitted successfully. We ONLY charge after arrival, so do not be worried about being charged immediately for an unconfirmed trip

  3. Please note that trips with MORE than 4 people and/or 3 pieces of larger size luggage will require an SUV instead of a Town Car, which has a slightly higher fee

  4. Parties larger than 6-7 people will require a Van or Sprinter to guarantee passenger & luggage space availability

  5. Please indicate number of passengers in the Comments & Notes section


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Drop-Off Address / Location
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  • NUMBER OF PASSENGERS (sedan is 3-4 maximum, & Luggage amount (2 checked bags, plus 2 carry-on’s medium pieces maximum for a Town Car or Sedan) for your reservation when booking so we can arrange for the appropriate type of vehicle.

  • The AIRLINE, FLIGHT #, & ARRIVAL TIME if booking a trip FROM the Airport to a destination, in the NOTES section.

  • ANY OTHER PICK-UP & DROP-OFF LOCATIONS if necessary as well as E-mail for a confirmation IF requested (otherwise put N/A or an "X"). Additional pickup or drop-off points may incur extra fees.

  • CREDIT CARD INFORMATION (Number, Expiration, Name on card, Security code, Billing Zip code, & requested tip % range if not present on trip) to HOLD the reservation for you, or IF you want us to charge in advance OR card holder will not be present for the trip. Payment at time of reservation booking is NOT necessary. We usually process payments at drop-off time & destination if the card holder is present. Receipts for cash payments are possible of course.

  • If you are NOT comfortable sending over your credit card information, we can confirm & accept your credit card information over the phone securely.

All payments will be processed securely through either the:

Your information will ONLY be used to authorize cards or process payments. Your security & privacy is of the utmost importance. E-mail or phone receipts will be provided by those companies, as well as an e-mail receipt/invoice directly from 5 Star Transportation Services LLC via Square if requested.

cancellations, WAITING TIMES, & reservation policies

******* Cancellations made without any adjustments to later times or due to extenuating circumstances (weather, delays) within 24 hours will be charged the fully agreed fees for the trip (fare, taxes, driver gratuity, & Airport or parking fees). 

Airport & Cruise bookings will allow a complimentary 30-minute (domestic) & 60-minute waiting period (international) from time of Aircraft arrival. We track all incoming flights & trains for any announced delays & additional time is not charged due to those delays. All other pickup reservations have a complimentary 15 minute waiting period. Any additional time will be billed at a rate of $1/minute.

Email cancellations accepted for reservations greater than 24 hours from the time of cancellation. Please allow AT LEAST 12 hours for advance reservations of early AM bookings, and CALL for these & any other last-minute reservations such as these to ensure we are able to confirm your booking. Please allow at least 24 hours advance notice for any emailed reservations as well. ******* 

By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling or texting us at (206) 678-3873 anytime. 


Email us anytime at fivestarseattle@hotmail.com and get a quick response for your transportation needs.


Create your Corporate Business Account today

Create your Corporate Business Account today

Repeat Corporate & Business Clients

Enjoy the ease & comfort of having your information on file for easy bookings & payments with a repeat corporate/business account. Due to our constantly competitive low rates, we cannot offer any more discounts to the current rates. For Corporate or Account inquiries please Email us at, or fill the form with an initial reservation booking & we will save your information for future bookings via call or email on demand:




Lincoln Town Car / chrysler 300

Seats up to 4

Our Lincoln Town Car's, Chrysler 300's, Lincoln MKT’s, & Cadillac XTS’s seat up to 3 passengers comfortably, 4 passengers maximum, and can hold 2-3 large pieces of baggage, or 3-4 medium & smaller sized pieces of baggage. 

5 Star Seattle Town Car Sedan class

5 Star Seattle Town Car Sedan class


Premium luxury carS

Seats up to 4

This premium class line may include Audi A6 & A8's, Cadillac CT6BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-class, & other premium luxury sedan models. These can accommodate 3-4 passengers, and can hold 1-2 large pieces of baggage, or 2-3 medium sized pieces of baggage. 

5 Star Seattle Premium Luxury Class

5 Star Seattle Premium Luxury Class


Seats up to 6

Our full-size SUV's seat up to 6, and can hold 3-4 large pieces of baggage, or 4-5 medium sized pieces of baggage. These may include models such as the Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon XL, Lincoln Navigator, & Ford Expedition XL

5 Star Seattle SUV class

5 Star Seattle SUV class


Seats up to 14

Call (206) 678-3873, or write to fivestarseattle@hotmail.com to make a reservation today